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Who we are

Who we are

With initial contacts with swimming pools projects, constructions and its water treatment system buildings, school plants, construction of buildings and inside the architecture offices with direct contacts with the planning of cities, popular settlements, architectonic details, the TCB Holding founder receipted his diploma of architect and urban planner issued by the UFBA, a federal university of the Bahia state.

Always working with habitations directed as for people with low income as for people with high level of income, Mr. Tomze Castelo Branco, the principal of the TCB Holding, firstly founded the CEPLANTEC, a technical planning center, turned exclusively for people of middle income, after, this company was transformed in constructor.

Several other companies was founded by him as the TOMZE ARCHITECTURE, the AGRO-INDUSTRIAL SANTA BARBARA ( a sugar cane, sugar, ethanol and electric energy producer), three other constructors of less importance and at last, the TCB – TRADING COMPANY BUREAU at 2006, turned exclusively to the international commerce, extensive for real estate international market

The TCB incorporated all the activities of all others companies under the name TCB HOLDING, a TRADER COMPANY BRAND that we are introducing to you to work strongly, having as target, to put your wish ready to go ahead, well accompanied, forever!