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Precious Stones (GIA)

Precious Stones (GIA)

The precious stones sector of the TCB works with all kind of gems since diamonds until all other gems, if they are certified by the G.I.A. – Gemological Institute of America.

Attached the gems photographies, we require a copy of the G.I.A report.

This document obligatorily has a number that will be checked directly with the G.I.A.

Only to create good way for ours businesses, the TCB can accompany your register process free.

You only will enter with your gems inside the G.I.A. and after, with a copy of the receipt of each gem, we will accompany the analysis until the G.I.A. issue the register of each gems that will be delivered directly to you.

You only will pay all our expenses.

Below you can see a register certificate.